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At Jason's The Art of Jewelry, it is our pleasure is to help you find the ideal piece of jewelry to celebrate your special occasion. Our caring staff want to listen to your ideas as we cater to your individual preferences with our personal approach and expert service. At Jason's, we make sure you have an exciting and inspiring experience. We always take great pride in helping you mark the next wonderful milestone in your life. 

Come visit our showroom today! At 1205 University Drive in Burlington, North Carolina, suite 113, you can chat with Jason and his team of highly skilled jewelry consultants on staff. They are ready to answer your questions and indulge your ideas, both in store and online. Wherever you are in your life, it is Jason's honor to attend to your tastes as you browse the exquisite beauty and the artistry of Jason's hand-curated selection. He will gladly bring your dreams to life as you select the perfect piece for your own unique tastes and occasion. 


Jewelry is Jason's life's work. It is his pleasure and passion to lend his enthusiasm for the art of jewelry to you, Together, you'll find the treasure that speaks just to you. You'll be delighted and comforted inside his showroom as Jason shares his love for the  artistic enchantment found in every piece of jewelry he sells. With endless offerings ranging from cutting-edge custom designs to  eye-catching baubles and decadent antiques on consignment, you'll be enlightened by Jason's eye for inspiring art. His commitment to personal service is the kind of guidance you need to select a gift that speak volumes.


His unbeatable service and selection is what sets Jason's apart from other jewelry shops. With a decadent atmosphere of polished tile floors shinning under crystal chandeliers, you'll be amazed by the treasure trove of colorful jewels glimmering in their gorgeous mounts. The experience at Jason's shop is unmatched in the way it makes you feel. You'll leave satisfied in every way, every time. You'll be ecstatic as you're immersed in lavish, clean and mesmerizing surroundings. New delicacies are yours to behold inside every display, around every turn. All this makes Jason's The Art of Jewelry the ideal place to spark your imagination for an upcoming milestone event in your life. With Jason's help you'll truly be able to discover the piece of art you will fall in love with. Once you find your favorite jewel inlaid with the design you love, you will be excited to underscore the remarkable upcoming moments in your life with peace of mind. With exceptional staff at your service, relax and enjoy the journey as you discover the  piece of jewelry uniquely suited to celebrate the memorable milestones in your life. 


Here, you'll be able to choose the exact jewel and setting that meets your needs, fits your budget, and most importantly the one that touches your heart. Whether you find your favorite jewel within  one of Jason's exquisite collections or decide to make a custom design all your own, Jason is here to listen and bring your dreams to life.  


We are eager to indulge in your ideas. You can rest assured knowing that our goal is to make your experience delightful and exciting from start to finish. We can guide you through the process while you decide on every aspect of your unique custom jewelry.

Whether you find ideal piece of jewelry in our showroom, or decide to personalize your very own custom creation, Jason will make the journey exceptional. Custom made doesn't have to mean expensive. We offer customization options for any budget. Let us treat you to the full experience. Become another valued guest and happy customer at Jason's gallery. We are open to the public Tuesday - Friday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m, or on Saturdays, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.


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